Hey friends, welcome to the new BLOGKORI!

For those who already know about this blog since the early days, you will know that this blog used to be a good and relevant resource about internet marketing. Later I moved my focus into other work and I was absent for a few years from the blogging scene. In between I posted new articles every now and then but the magic was not really there, and I admit it.

So by the end of 2016, the blog was spiritually dead and I was looking for ways to get rid of it completely.

But one thing which still kept me motivated was you guys!

I have moved to Facebook and started to share my thoughts over there, but you guys still followed me there and kept interacting with me on a personal basis. This constantly reminded me about my blog blogkori.

So late in 2016 I tried to figure out ways to restart or recreate my dead blog.

The Problem

Frankly speaking, the original BlogKori turned into a mess by this time.

So much unrelated content:

It has over 250 posts written about various topic (not just internet marketing). One time I started writing Bangla posts. Most of the content written in the early days of the blog are not relevant anymore. Out of all the articles there are just handful of posts which are still relevant and people find them on Google.

This brings my next problem,

Crazy link profile:

When I started blogkori, I had no clue about Google optimization. In those days Google wasn’t even that strict. Back in the day more links meant more authority.

So as a beginner I used all the methods I could find to build incoming links. This included directory submissions, automated links, softwares etc.

And since I covered a variety of topic (including paid posts) my blog attracted links from all directions.

As a result my link profile looks like this:

old blogkori link profile

^so many, but so unfocused.

Somewhere down the line this will do more harm than any good if I keep carrying this domain. Yes the domain blogkori.com is 8 years old, but that’s just it!

Messed up database:

After years of blog posts, media uploads, adding and removing plugins made my blog database messy. Think of like the hard disk of your computer. If I start it all over again, I will get to start using a fresh new database with no junk.

The Dilemma

Now I don’t want to keep my old blog, I want to delete it altogether for the fresh start for the above stated reasons.

But at the same time I don’t want to lose all my work I have put all these years. Many of you guys rely on various posts and check it back for reference. I also don’t want to lose these social shares and your comments.

So I could not delete my blog. I had to find an alternative solution.

The Solution

I decided to use the domain name blogkori.net for my fresh new start.

This way all my older posts stay in the old blogkori.com for you to check them out and cross reference from here.

Yeah there are still some solid articles for you to read over there!

And here in blogkori.net it will be the new home for my blogging from now on.

So why not start with a new brand name?

Starting with a different domain name means starting it all over from zero with a zero link profile and authority. Some of you may are thinking why not come up with a completely new brand name?

My reasoning for this is simple.

Although โ€œtechnicallyโ€ blogkori.net has no domain authority or link profile, the brand BLOGKORI is still in the minds of my reader base. This means I still have the authority regardless of the domain name.

This will help me use my existing social media profiles, and familiar name which I have built over the years.

So in conclusion, I am using the .NET version over the .COM one, and I have a very unique reasoning to do it.

The Promise

Okay so now that you know about the story of my new blog and the restarting event, let me share what’s in it for you from this blog,

BLOGKORI is a community of action takers like you. It is for the change makers, internet marketers, bloggers, creators, educators, teachers, entrepreneurs.

I will inspire you with my work, and teach you how to use the internet marketing methods to grow your own business.

The new BLOGKORI will cover various online business topics from a Bangladeshis perspective but it doesn’t mean this blog is only for the people of Bangladesh. Any global citizen can participate in this blog and get benefit from our shared knowledge.

I will be blogging on a regular basis from now on.

Expect 2-3 awesome blog posts every month in the early days. You should sign up to my email newsletter so when there is a new blog article, you will be emailed with the link to the new post.

I will need your support to grow this blog into a community of super entrepreneurs. Please participate in the comments section and share your thoughts. This will constantly motivated me. Also feel free to share my blog on social media sites.

If I get a good response from you guys, I will start blogging full time, which means more epic content for you guys!

So go ahead, leave a comment in this blog article and introduce yourself to me and this community. Let me know your thoughts about BLOGKORI.

I am going to give aways cool prizes to my loyal readers so stay tuned!!

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