Intel core i7 is the top of the shelf consumer grad computer chip. They come with a hefty price tag. Let’s say you have the budget to purchase one of these, but should you get it?

Last year I was in the market for a new computer build. I went to the IDB Bhaban computer shop in Agargaon and this time I asked and did tons of research about computer parts.

I got quotes from various retailers, but do you know what?

Not one of the salespeople asked me what was the purpose of my computer build.

Or in simple terms, what am I going to do with my new computer.

They all wanted to sell me the better high end product, simply because it’s faster and more expensive.

When you know your needs and can figure out the parts, you can make a really informed decision about your computer purchase.

As an online professional, my computer is the tool which helps me make money. I want to invest the most I can afford into my tools.

The Intel iProcessors

When it comes to Intel based processors, we have 3 high end processors: i3, i5, and i7.

The latest i3 is good for multi tasking.

The i5 is good for multi tasking and mid ranged video rendering.

The i7 is the power house, capable of high powered video rendering, and playing high end games.

My Custom Build

To me, my requirement was to do a lot of multi tasking with graphic editors, word processors, Google chrome and video rendering.

Choosing the core i5 with 2x4GB RAM cards gave my system the power I needed.

I can edit & render my screencast video tutorials faster. I think video rendering is one ocassion when I get to use the most of my computer power.

Then comes general Google chrome browsing with multiple tabs with YouTube playing in the background. My new system can handle enough abuse without lagging much.

And then I also play some classic games like GTA San Andreas, Portal, Half Life 2, Call Of Duty 4, without having to face any lag. Not to mention I am not using any extra graphics cards.

Looking at my core i5 and what it can do with just 8 Gigs of RAM and no extra graphics cards, I can only imagine what the i7 is capable of.

Now here comes the whole point of this blog post,

If you get a core i7 Intel processor, but you are not rendering 1080p-4K videos with it or not using it to play Fallout 4 or GTA5 in 1080p 60fps, then you are just wasting your resources.

You are better off getting the i5 and use the extra money you saved on something else.

Let me give you a different perspective,

Will you use this:

To kill one of these?

Let me know in the comments!

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